Monday, August 6, 2012

Book 1: Bob's Red Mill Cookbook: Blue-Ribbon Banana Bread
I chose my first recipe based on the excess of bananas in my freezer...while I have my go to Banana Bread recipe, I figured it couldn't hurt to try a new one.  I received this book from my mom...or maybe my sister...or my brother?  They have all started using more of the whole wheat recipes, and Bob's Red Mill has a great collection of whole grains.  I have been meaning to try this cookbook since I figured who would know better how to use whole grains?



A secret side effect is that this recipe makes two loaves, and then with that second extra loaf I can try their recipe for Chocolate-Rippled Banana Bread Pudding.  It's a two-fer!

My intention with this blog was to follow recipes to the letter.  Here we are on the first recipe, and already disqualified.  Apparently it's been a while since baking, so two staples I thought I always had more than enough of were sadly lacking...eggs and butter.  So I had to cut the eggs short by one (it called for 4--this is two loaves!), and I subbed a bit of coconut oil in for a small bit of the butter.  This means though that I don't have any butter left to spread on the bread, so I am hoping it has enough buttery goodness already in it.

The other missing, key ingredient...whole wheat pastry flour.  I do have whole wheat flour, so I did about two thirds of that, and one third of all purpose flour.  We will see if it ends up too heavy!

It was all I could do to avoid my standard BB spicing of cinnamon and nutmeg.  The recipe didn't call for it, and I could hardly imagine to do it without.  But I withheld, figuring if needed, we could always spread on cinnamon butter (if only we had butter).

 It came out really dark--I left it in an hour as suggested, but it seemed already overdone.


 This is probably the least appealing- looking loaf of banana bread I have made.  It really looks like the original photo, but in brick form. 

Despite the heavy whole wheat, the buttery goodness made this bread a winner.  Much heartier than my usual banana bread.  A guest said it had a hint of soy sauce.  (???)  I still liked it, and no need to add any more butter!

I prefer this stylized photo of it...