Sunday, September 9, 2012

Book 2: Mexican (Cookshelf): Chicken Tostadas

So far this blog is off to a super slow start!!  Second in my cookbook series is part of the really cute Cookshelf series, Mexican.  It's a part of a bunch of really small books.  In fact, this picture may be about actual size!  (Depending on just how big your screen is...)

I have three books in this series and I guess they are just big enough!  I made the Chicken Tostadas with Green Salsa & Chipotle.  Except for the chipotle part, I was afraid of the heat!  Honestly, I made it well over a month ago, but since this is only my second recipe from a cookbook...well, I'm not going to miss posting it just because I'm on the slow side.

Usually I don't make tostadas because they seem impractical to me.  They are meant to be eaten with your hands, but what kind of grace and precision do you need to balance all the toppings (especially if you have gone overboard!!)   without making a ruinous mess of salsa and beans everywhere.

I also feel like such recipes are not really recipes at all, but assembly instructions.  Did I really "make" them, or did I just put everything on top of the shell in the right order?  Well, I did make the chicken part--I followed the instructions of boiling, although that sounded on the gross side, as I had read a lot of suggestions on how boiling chicken is the right way to go!  The texture was fine, I probably would have put in a little more flavoring though as they were just boiled in stock and garlic.

What I think really made these tostadas superb were the black beans (with some added cumin) and the cotija cheese.  That cheese is fantastic!  Just a crumble here and there, and yum!  It's like a slightly salty version of ricotta cheese.

Here is the pre-assembly:

and after...

Making me hungry!  Need to go make me some dinner!

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