Monday, November 11, 2013

Book 3: Joy of Cooking

It has been a pretty slow pace.  Two posts a year?  It's not that I haven't done ANY cooking.  Just that when I have cooked from a cookbook, I've forgotten to take photos, or other nonsense excuses for posting.  I am back with a classic and maybe some new motivation.

So the Joy of Cooking is somewhat of a cooking bible.  I don't end up going to it all that much as I prefer the cookbooks with the tempting photos.  I go to it for those classic American recipes that it does best (except this upcoming recipe may be a bad example, as it's not really American).  I go to it when I don't need a picture to remind me how it's supposed to turn out...lasagna, french toast, pancakes...and Dutch Babies.

I hope you have been lucky enough to have a Dutch Baby before.  They are light as air, eggs puffed up into a dreamy breakfast.  They border on dessert, so it's really an excuse to have dessert for breakfast.  You can top them with powdered sugar and lemon juice for a tart and sweet combo. 

The "Baby" puffs up and then deflates quickly, so you need to serve it right away.  I managed to take a photo of it on the plate, but once I got the powdered sugar & lemon juice on it, I inhaled so no final photo!

I recognize that this is not a flattering photo.  You'll have to trust that it's delicious.  It is also super-fast...what took the most time was waiting for the oven to preheat.  

I'm still struggling to figure out if I feel ok recreating the recipe in my post, since typically you'd have to pay to buy the cookbook instead.  I'm still not, but I can point you to a similar recipe here since I figure that this is somewhat a classic recipe: TasteBook's Dutch Baby  I am pushing the limit of how little butter I can use and just used 3 T for this time.


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