Saturday, November 23, 2013

Book #5: The Ultimate Slow Cooker Book: Pulled Pork

This is Better Homes and Gardens' version of a slow cooker book.  This time, I tried a Pulled Pork recipe.  It was an interesting idea.  There is a master recipe which cooks the pork with chili sauce and some seasonings.  Once you've made that, there are six other recipes which you can do to mix it up.  For instance, mole pork and green olive quesadillas, shredded pork salad, spicy pulled pork, etc.  It's not clear if the original recipe is meant to be eaten as is or ONLY as a base for the other recipes.  Rather than risk it, since I was preparing for a group, I did one of the add on recipes (apricot pulled pork hoagies to be specific).  I like the idea, for those that actually prepare ahead, and cook for a whole week, they can do one main recipe and then eat it in different ways throughout the week.

The net of the pulled pork was that I was impatient.  After being in the slow cooker for 10 hours (it asked for 10-11 on low), the pork was still not easily pulled.  Since I was counting on it being ready, and I was only able to pull about a third of it, I ended up cutting the rest.  The taste was still great.  Some debate over whether it was too sweet or just right, but I enjoyed the flavors.  I love a good pulled pork and thought it was a good starting point.  I ended up with a ton of liquid left in the slow cooker--I probably should have kept more of it with the meat rather than dump it out.

A fun find--I found a coupon for a free year of Better Homes and Gardens at the back of the book.  Hmm, it expired in 2012, I wonder if I can still swing it.  However, with my love hate relationship with magazines, maybe it's a sign I shouldn't even try!

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